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How to adjust "Flat Antenna"

To have a shadow on the flat antenna, I suggest to print the following drawing. Than the Lines must be cut / folded. Line "A" must be folded as precisely as possible.The construction must be fixed with adhesive tape on top of the flat antenna so that the Line "B" is in parallel with the middle line. This can be carried out safely on the ground.


Following the Antenna can be fixed temporary. The remaining steps are similar to the satellite dish pointing.
1) Arrangement around a horizontal axis : This can be done the most quickly by using the scale on the attachment.
2) Arrangement around a vertical axis : At the precalculated time the antenna has to be turned, until the shadow of the point touches the "B"-line ( see photograph)
3) After this the "Skew-angle" can be adjusted.


Caption to the drawing:

1) _____ cut     2) ------- fold     3) ......... no action

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